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All Things Epoxy Pompano Beach Florida




  2.  1.) We start off prepping your floor by diamond grinding of the surface to open up the concrete pores and remove any residual buildup of oils and other solvents.

  3. 2.) Next we apply our Advanced Base coat Epoxy which is specifically designed for durability and longevity. We offer a low-VOC product that penetrates deep into the concrete providing Hot Tire and Chemical Resistance.

  4. 3.) We immediately broadcast the Color Flakes of your choice to a point of rejection or what we call a 100% broadcast. Every inch of the floor is covered creating a Vibrant blended color and hiding most imperfections                                                                                         

  5. 4.) Once the Epoxy hardens we do a light scrape of the flakes. We then finish it off with a High-Solid Polyaspartic giving the floor a High-Gloss finish that is extremely abrasion-resistant.


  7. 5.) An additional top coat of polyaspartic can be added for longevity

  8.  All of this can be done in a days time and you can have your cars back in the garage in just a few short days. We offer a limited lifetime guarantee on all floors and we promise that if you are not satisfied we will make it right.

Epoxy flake diagram

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